Grow where You are Planted

Grow Where You are Planted

The plant growing in this tree probably thought when it was dropped in here, that it was a mistake. He probably asked, “What am I doing up here?” And shouted “I belong down on the ground with the other plants. I should be surrounded by my friends! I can’t possibly survive up here alone.” He may have prayed, “Oh dear Lord, please send the rain to wash me out of here,” or hoped a bird or squirrel would move him to the ground where he belonged.

Alas, he remained where he was, and the place was good for growing so he grew. Although, a lot of grumbling and complaining was heard by the other plants below.

Then one day, after had grown considerably, he looked out from his high position. He was so amazed at what all he could see! He was able to observe everyone and hear all that was going on below him. He was humbled and thanked God for planting him where he was.

Submitted by: K. Osborne


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