April 2020

woke up at 4:00 AM with this perception or thought. Not sure what to do with it. So I wrote it down. 

You know how you drive past a future site of a new complex or company being constructed? The first stages are pretty messy and there is lots of confusion to the onlooker.

The ground is all moved around. Big trucks hauling things back and forth. Construction equipment in place and strange contraptions set up. Red safety fences are all around to protect wandering pedestrians and to stop anyone who wants to steal equipment or tools.

Your impression as you drive past is, “What a Mess!” You wonder if the contractor knows what he is doing, because it looks very confusing to you.

But there is a blueprint or a vision that someone had and laid out ahead of time. Right now it looks like a mess to you and you are probably confused by what you see.

God has a vision and His plan is completely laid out. No matter what it looks like to us, trust Him. His goal is confusing to us because we can’t see everything like He does.

If we work as a team, each one doing their job, no matter how small or insignificant. Or how big and moving it is. Eventually God will work it all out. One day it will be completed. The exciting opening day will come.

God’s kingdom Come, God’s will be done!
submitted by: Elder K.Osborne

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